Easy ways to get Cheap Taxi Fleet insurance quote

 When there comes a time that you want to start pricing up taxi insurance in Glasgow, you should not look beyond protecting My Taxi insurance. In our insurance company, we are experts in Glasgow taxi insurance, we will help you to find the best cover for your vehicle.

Insuring your taxi is the main priority of a taxi driver, it does not matter whether you have a private hire or public hire vehicle. After you have to made a claim, you want your vehicle to get on the road as early as possible. We are working with the best taxi insurance providers to get the best cover for your vehicle.

What is a fleet insurance policy?

A taxi fleet insurance policy is a kind of policy that will cover if you have more than two vehicles whether it is taxis, minibosses, or minicabs.

If you insure your all vehicles under one policy will allow you more flexibility and will save you time and money. Our guide to fleet insurance explains how this kind of policy works and the cost of it.

Is it better to get a fleet insurance policy rather than standard car insurance?

Fleet insurance in more cases is better than individual car insurance in most cases. If you have more than two vehicles under your belt, you can benefit from getting fleet insurance that will cover all your vehicles under one policy rather than insuring them individually.


Why should you choose to protect My Taxi for your cheap taxi fleet insurance quotes?

We understand that business owners are always busy and they don’t have enough time to deal with that type of thing. We are here for you!. We are working with the UK’s largest insurance providers for taxi insurance fleets to provide you with a cheap taxi fleet insurance policy. We have access to the panel of different insurers which means that we will provide you with a reasonably priced, comprehensive insurance policy that could be a little bit cheaper than your existing policy.

We provide:

We will provide savings on your fleet policy renewal.

We will give you claim management.

Strategic marketing to our panel of insurers.

Benefits of buying cheap taxi fleet insurance

There are many advantages of getting cheap taxi fleet insurance quotes as if you insure your vehicle individually, it will cost you a lot of time and money and you will also have to keep the track of each vehicle but if you select fleet insurance for your policy, you don’t have to keep the track of the individual vehicle. Fleet insurance will perform it on your behalf and insure them under one policy.

Compare taxi fleet insurance quotes to get cheap taxi fleet insurance quotes

If you have a taxi company, it will be good to take taxi fleet insurance rather than insure each vehicle separately. It will surely be right for you financially and time-wise.

A taxi of fleet vehicles is typically considered as being a minimum of three vehicles, although expert policies will cover only two taxis.

The fleet itself could contain minicabs, regular black cabs, or a mix of both, it will also cover minibusses.

Types of taxi fleet insurance cover

There are some types of taxi fleet insurance which we will discuss:

Liability: plus we have got cover for liability claims that come from the customer you can also get cover which will protect you from claims that come from your employees.

Legal expenses: fighting liability claims can be very costly, that is the reason fleet owners more than often do not choose to have included legal expenses in their insurance.

Road risks: It does not matter whether you are insuring public or private hire vehicles, you will need to get a cover for road dangers at least cost. This suggests you can get third-party 

Some factors will affect the cost of taxi fleet insurance which we will cover:

Type of vehicle:

The major factor will be the kind of vehicle you have in your fleet and it will affect the cost of your insurance. The more expensive and powerful vehicle you have, it will cost you more to insure. 

Vehicles’ value:

A vehicle’s worth in your fleet will surely influence how much you are paying for your fleet taxi insurance. This is the main reason a lot of taxi firms prefer to get vehicles that are cheap, secure, and efficient rather than showier vehicles that will cost more to get insured.

Named  drivers:

The policy which includes identified drivers will affect how much do you pay. Low-lying risk

Drivers significantly cost less to insure. A  Low-lying risk driver is the one whom age is 25 or more, has a fair volume of experience, and the driver has a clean illegal experience.

Cover’s level:

The cover’s level you get will also affect you much you spend on a cover. A Third-party policy works out the most affordable with more insurance rights striking up the cost.

Insurance supplier:

The insurance provider who is offering the quote will hugely affect the cost of your taxi fleet insurance. That is the reason it is very important to get a quote if you want an excellent opportunity.

Some factors willSome taxi firms are to the Insure can save a lot of money in taxi fleet insurance in different ways. If you get a quote then it will be as good as it can get for you but there are some other ways likes increasing the excess on policy and paying annually rather than on monthly basis.


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