Different Ways to Get a Cheap Taxi Fleet insurance quote

Taxi Fleet insurance

If you have more than two vehicles, you need taxi fleet insurance. Taxi Fleet insurance will give cover for all your business vehicles which will make you comfortable with the stress of insuring each vehicle separately. You can register it with the company name, or the name of the partner that will allow one policy to cover all your vehicles.

It will be good for you as you don’t have to keep track of each vehicle insurance policy and you will have to pay less for your overall vehicles.

How many vehicles can be included in the fleet? 

A fleet will start from two and can go up to thousands of vehicles.

The number of vehicles that can be added to a commercial fleet insurance policy will be different according to different providers, with most setting out a minimum and maximum number.

For a larger fleet or smaller fleets, you will need expert fleet insurance.

What kinds of vehicles are covered by fleet insurance?

Fleet insurance will cover a wide range of vehicles. The policy can cover a combination of vehicle kinds, but if it covers ‘any vehicle; it is worth reviewing the definitions. There are some moments when insurers will exclude some vehicles from a policy such as motorbikes and excavators.

Different kinds of businesses will also be covered including private hire, courier, and more.

What is covered by fleet insurance?

Fully comprehensive fleet insurance will provide cover for your drivers and vehicles if your vehicle is involved in an accident or stolen. It will cover the cost of damage if another vehicle gets damaged by your vehicle and your driver was at fault.

Third-party fire and theft will go one step further and will pay out if your vehicle is stolen or damaged as a result of the fire.

You can also include the following:

  • Breakdown cover

  • Public liability cover

  • Employer liability cover

  • Courtesy vehicle extension

  • Tools cover

 Compare taxi fleet insurance quotes

If you own a taxi company, it will be good to take taxi fleet insurance rather than insure each vehicle individually. It will certainly be good for you financially and time-wise.

A taxi of fleet vehicles is generally regarded as being a minimum of three vehicles, although expert policies will cover only two taxis.

The fleet itself could contain minicabs, regular black cabs, or a mix of both, it will also cover minibosses.

Kinds of taxi fleet insurance

There are generally three types of taxi fleet insurance:

Third-party only:

It is the basic level of cover where the insurer will payout for the damage or injury to the third party if you are at fault.

Third-party fire and theft:

It is the middle level of the cover and it is very identical to the above but it will provide cover if the vehicle is stolen or in the event of a fire if it is your fault.

Fully comprehensive:

It is the highest level of fleet cover that will cover you and your drivers if your vehicle is involved in an accident and it damages the other person even if it is your fault.

Breakdown cover:

Most insurers will also insist you add fleet breakdown cover as additional.

How to get cheap taxi fleet insurance?

There are some tips by which you can get cheap taxi fleet insurance.

Train your drivers:

If you continuously train your drivers will lower your premium because your staff will be regarded as to be involved in fewer accidents. The drivers should check their vehicles regularly.

The drivers should be experienced

If you are over 25, the insurance premium will be low because he will be experienced and less likely to be involved in an accident. But if you are under 25, and the driver is inexperienced, your insurance premium will be higher because you are more likely to be involved in an accident.

Pay yearly:

If you opt to pay monthly it will add the interest for admin charges but if you pay annually it will cut short.

Clean driving record:

All drivers should keep their records as clean as possible to keep their insurance premiums low.

Get security:

You should install a tracker system in your vehicles and it will help them to lower your insurance premium because it is less likely they will get stolen.

Park your vehicle in a safe place:

If you park your vehicle on the road overnight, it might be stolen or can be involved in an accident that will increase your insurance premium, but if you park your vehicle in a safer place or in a garage overnight, it will help you to lower your insurance premium because it is less likely to be stolen or involved in an accident.


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